If you feel anxious, sad or depressed

Students & Expats


Het Palett is an accredited and licensed behavioural institute, that offers treatment with specialized programmes for psychological disorders. Our treatments are evidence based.


We can help you with a psychologic treatment for:

  • anxiety disorder
  • depression
  • burnout
  • trauma


The treatments have the goal of helping you gain insight on problematic behaviours, and then using these insights to improve your life. This may mean that you will be confronted with yourself, your behaviours and possible events from the past. We will work towards empowering you to make the needed life changes. We do encourage letting go of patterns, restoring resilience and building new behavioural patterns.




When you have an Europeen Health Insurance Card ( EHIC), all costs are covered by your Health Insurance company.


Contact me, via e-mail (please include your phone number) or by phone and I will contact you to make an appointment.


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